Key Milestones: 2020-2021

Management Committee: Shri. Ajit Agrawal (President), Shri Agha Khan (Vice President), Shri. Umar Farooq Saifi (General Secretary), Shri. Vijay Kumar Sharma (Treasurer), Shri. Amit Agrawal (Joint Secretary)

Following are some of the tasks undertaken by the RWA since its inception:

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Key Milestones: 2019-2020

Management Committee: Shri. Ateet Gupta (President), Shri. Krishnam Doval (General Secretary), Shri. Vijay Singh (Treasurer), Shri. Atul Gupta (Joint Secretary)

Following are some of the tasks undertaken by the RWA since its inception:

  • RWA renewal for the next five years from the Registrar office, Meerut.
  • Fire-fighting system repair includes jockey motor, main motor, electrical panel, 2-way, hoses, nozzles, valves, pipes, sprinklers, batteries, etc. Moreover, 60 gas cylinders refilled, fire panel glass installed, pipeline painted, and leakage repaired wherever possible. It was quite an effort to detect and mend several underground leakages.
  • A tough nut is cracked by repairing the fire alarm and announcement system and made it operational along with the installation and repair of new smoke detectors.
  • It may not be out of place to mention that the last NOC received was in 2015 by the builder itself, and the system was completely damaged due to non-maintenance, ignorance, and irregularities. The newly elected RWA can apply for NOC and take up the matter.
  • Two male and one female toilet were renovated for commercial members. One toilet was kept exclusively for the office owners and high management staff, which can be unlocked using the access card. It was a long pending grievance of the commercial members.
  • Apart from that, two new toilets have been constructed and made operational for staff, drivers, and maids near the generator area. This was a long-standing requirement of society members.
  • Proper lighting installed in the common area, reception area, commercial block, residential corridors, and outside within the premises. Light for lifts and shafts is under progress.
  • The intercom facility for the commercial block is nearing completion. Approx. 5000-meter wire has been set up within the commercial block. Only the installation of intercom phones in offices is pending. The newly elected RWA can take up this matter.
  • Number plate installation in commercial block and basement units.
  • Introduction of MyGate security system in the society.
  • New CCTV cameras installed to enhance building security and those not working repaired and made operational.
  • Parking development for commercial block outside the building premises to fulfill the one flat one parking agenda. Parking space is now ready, and the newly elected RWA can take up the matter.
  • Pedestrian gates construction on entry and exit gates to facilitate pedestrian access and improve security.
  • Bio-metric machine installed on the commercial gate for access to authorized personnel only.
  • New submersible installation and old motors repaired.
  • Development of the Activity Hall i.e., mirror placed, floormats changed, wall paint, music system installation, etc. for society members.
  • Diwali function was organized and appreciated by all society members.
  • Car parking allotted to the resident of 602, which was a long pending issue and amicably settled.
  • Post-paid meters for power backup supply repaired, tested, and installed for every flat and office. They were supposed to be operational from April 1st, 2020, but had to be postponed due to Coronavirus pandaemic. The newly elected RWA can takeup the matter.
  • Paintwork in residential corridors has been started, and the 3rd floor and 8th floor are almost ready. The newly elected RWA can complete the pending task.
  • Painting of reception area and security guard rooms
  • Last but not least, Azure Shipra Krishna official website designed and launched on 17th August, 2020.
Current Affairs
ARWA Election 2020-21

The President, Shri Ateet Gupta, announced that the tenure for the current RWA is complete, and he no longer wishes to continue along with his team members. And hence, appealed the society to do the election so that the next RWA can be elected.

Hence, the election for the session 2020-21 will be conducted on 23rd August 2020. Shri Rahat Siddiqui and Shri Rajiv Karanwal will hold the Elections.

Since only 5 nominations were filled for different posts, the new team was elected unopposed.